10 Tips to Save iPhone Battery Life

With over 1.5 million apps available in Apple's App Store, our iPhones are able to do just about anything our imagination can think ofWhether you spend time on your device answering emails or playing the latest Angry Birds game there is one common outcome from this increased usage, low battery. In this article we will outline 10 tips to help increase your iPhone's battery life.

  1. Turn WiFi/Bluetooth off.  The battery life of your iPhone drops faster when it is constantly reaching out for wifi/bluetooth signals.

  2. Lower the brightness. Simply go to the Settings menu, now select the Brightness option, and turn down the brightness to low. Although, this may not be practical in bright settings it will still save you extra battery power.

  3. Download songs instead of streaming. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music allow you to stream any song available on their platform. This may seem convenient but streaming services use your cellular network heavily and will drain your battery rapidly. You can get around this by downloading the songs you listen to directly to your iPhone for offline play. 

  4. Update to the latest software. The engineers at Apple implement changes to iPhone software on a frequent basis, making it essential to update to the latest software. For example, if your iPhone is currently operating iOS 7, then you need to check for availability of software update. Go to Settings Menu, here you will find the option of Software Update under ‘General’. Update the software and save battery life.

  5. Turn 4G/LTE cellular data off. These faster connections use more power than lower speeds such as 3G. If you are always connected to Wi-Fi or don't need the speed boost then you may want to turn off 4G/LTE. Just go to the settings, here you will find an option of Cellular under the head of ‘General Settings’ switch 4G to ‘Off’ under Cellular Data.

  6. Turn off location services for some apps. Location services is a great feature that enhances many app's user experiences. However, this feature does not need to be turned on for every app. For example, the weather app by default uses location services to tell you the weather of your local city. If your not consistently traveling then this feature is just draining your battery for no reason. 

  7. Use Low Power Mode. This feature was made available on iOS 9 and is proven to be very helpful in getting the most out of your iPhone's battery. Your device will prompt you to use this feature when you reach 20% battery levels but you can turn it on at anytime in Settings > Battery.

  8. Turn off push notifications. There are different apps of iPhone that are sometimes notified to software updates via push notifications, this severely drains your phone’s battery life. You can turn off push notifications through Settings option. Go to Notifications, and uncheck notifications for all the applications that you think are not necessary.

  9. Reduce auto-lock time. By reducing the auto-lock time on your iPhone your device will turn off the display and go into idle in less time. If you pick up your phone 100 times a day and reduce the auto-lock by 30 seconds you are increasing  the time your phone is not active by 50 mins!

  10. Close demanding apps properly. There are some apps, especially games, that are still running in the background when you press the Home button to exit them. You can close these apps properly to save battery power by double clicking the home button, opening the multi-tasking screen and swiping up on the apps you want to close. 

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