How to Save Battery Life While Playing Pokémon Go

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few 3 weeks then you have probably heard about the Pokémon Go phenomena that has swept across the globe. The concept of the augmented reality game is simple, players use their device’s GPS and camera to roam around the ‘real world’ looking for Pokémon to capture, train and battle. With over 75 million downloads it has become one of the most used apps in history (and one of the biggest causes of rapidly draining batteries!)
As mentioned before, the game relies on various hardware found in most mobile phones including the camera, GPS & cellular antenna and accelerometer. Undoubtedly, running Pokémon Go will severely decrease the battery life of your iPhone. There are general tips and tricks you can read here to help increase the battery life of your iPhone under regular daily use. But with a game like Pokémon Go, those adjustments may not result in the desired extra power you are looking for. Some tips & tricks for saving battery life within the game include: 

  1. Turning on the battery save mode. This is found by clicking on the “Setting” button on the top-right corner of the screen then scrolling down and selecting ‘Battery Saver’
  2. Download maps for offline use. Pokémon Go uses Google Maps to pull data to your phone as you travel around playing the game. By downloading your cities map within the settings you not only save on battery usage but also on data usage as well.
  3. Capture Pokémon without using the AR mode. This feature uses the camera to view the creatures in a ‘real-life’ environment. You can turn this off when capturing a Pokémon by turning off the AR switch in the top-right hand corner.
  4. Do less in the game. By changing your gaming habits, you can also decrease battery consumption. For example, catching less common Pokémon, stopping at fewer gyms and skipping some Poké stops. 
These are some great ways to help get some extra juice out of your mobile device just by tweaking a few settings! However, for most Pokémasters this may simply not be enough to get them through their journey of catching all 150 Pokémon. And hey, we get it (we’re just as addicted to this game as any other 25-30-year-old would be!). Another solution to this apparent worldwide dilemma would be investing in a battery case. The Flux Battery Case is the world’s thinnest battery case and adds an impressive 1h 35min of gaming time to the iPhone (Pokémon Go drains a fully charged iPhone 6s in 2h 10min). It can be charged from the side port with any lighting cable and the charged case is used only when it's plugged into your phone. Without adding significant weight and thickness to your mobile device, this may be exactly what you need with you on your journey to catch ‘em all!  

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