Recharge Our Forests


As our company grows into a leading mobile phone brand we want to introduce a new campaign that's very special to us here at Flux. For the past 2 years we have been keeping customer's batteries green across the globe and now we take our first step in making the planet a little more green to. We're very proud to announce, on the 47th annual Earth Day, that we will begin our #RechargeOurForests campaign! By partnering up with One Tree Planted, a public 501c3 charity, we will be able to plant one tree for every item purchased moving forward. The planet's environment affects us all and with your support we know this initiative can really make a difference in our ever changing world. Happy Earth Day!


For every item you order we plant one tree. One product ordered = one tree planted, simple as that! 

Nope! We donate from our profits and we'll never raise the price to accomdate the cost of planting a tree. 

We plant trees in 4 continents to support reforestation efforts in the Amazon, Kenya, Indonesia and Colorado. 

Just place your order as usual and we'll do the rest! Sit back and enjoy the good vibes.